Trends Point Toward Rising Solar Panel Installations in NJ

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Life has gotten more expensive in the last twenty years. Not just in terms of inflation, but in the form of new monthly bills that simply didn’t exist before. Pretty much every home in America has internet service that ranges somewhere between $30 – $50 per month, or more. Likewise, most people now have cellphones and the large monthly fees that go along with them. Once considered luxury items, cell and Internet service have become essentials in the digital age. Without them, it can be difficult to keep, or even get, a job. These expenses did not replace any monthly bills, either; they have simply been added to the burden that residents are expected to bear.

Another area of life that has gotten more expensive is energy. Not just limited to gas prices, all forms of energy have seen rate increases. This affects most people directly in their monthly electricity bill. Residents of New Jersey have been hit particularly hard, paying well over the national average to power their homes.

Thankfully, unlike cell and Internet bills that are here to stay, there is something that can be done about rising electricity costs. Solar panel installations in NJ are on the rise because of the multitude of benefits they offer to homeowners. Solar is a rare energy form that has gotten more affordable in recent years. Add that to the fact that it is a clean and renewable form of energy, and it’s easy to see why it’s becoming a popular choice.

How has solar gotten more affordable? To start, government agencies are offering incentives to homeowners that make the switch. The upfront cost of solar panel installations in NJ was traditionally the major barrier to going solar. However, since the government has stepped into encourage the use of renewable energies, that barrier has been taken down. For example, the federal government is offering a tax credit of up to 30% of the installation cost of a new residential solar system. Additionally, the state of New Jersey offers a certificate program that rewards homeowners for every 1,000-kilowatt hours their system produces. When doing solar panel installations in NJ, Verengo Solar is happy to help homeowners follow the steps to take advantage of both of these programs.

The financial benefits of solar power don’t end with government incentives. Long term, the homeowner will pay significantly less on a monthly basis for their electricity. In fact, they could eliminate their monthly bill altogether. In addition, the resale value of a home is increased by the presence of a solar system. Potential buyers will understand the cost savings over time on their power bill, and be willing to pay more for a home with solar than a similar house without.

Considering just the financial benefits alone, it is easy to see why solar panel installations in NJ are becoming more and more popular. Homeowners can save on the upfront costs thanks to government programs, and will clearly benefit long term from lowered electricity bills and a higher home value. Add onto that the benefits of using an environmentally friendly form of energy, and it is abundantly clear that solar power is here to stay.