Solar Power Hits the Big Apple

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If you are a resident of New York City, then you already know how expensive life can be when you are in one of the most popular states in the country. If you’ve ever visited the Big Apple, then you are probably all too familiar with its unpleasant and fetid scents, often caused by the inordinate amounts of pollution generated from the hundreds of thousands of cars that pass through this bustling city each and every day.  Suffice it to say New York City is not known for its cleanliness, but that is all beginning to change, thanks to Verengo Solar.

New York is often an advocate and representative of change, and has undertaken the lofty task of improving its environmental friendliness, encouraging residents of this beautiful, busy state to take advantage of solar power right now.

The New York property tax legislation is heading this effort, and in an attempt to expedite this process and popularize this amazing energy alternative, has issued financial incentives that make solar power more affordable, and more readily available to the general public.

Solar power is an easy choice, but many people are unable to make the initial investment, which covers almost all of solar power’s costs for 20 years. Verengo Solar understands the difficulty in laying down an expensive payment during a difficult financial time, and that’s why Verengo offers $0 down for qualified buyers.

The government is also aware of the pricey initial costs that solar power demands, and in an effort to help reduce these costs, is covering 30 percent of your solar unit’s initial costs in the form of cash rebates or tax credits. If you live in New York, this number can double, and with the inclusion of every available offer, you could be looking at paying just 40 percent of the actual cost of solar power, earning yourself a green leaf for environmental friendliness and economic shrewdness.

One of these money saving options includes selling back unused electricity generated by your solar system, a hot commodity which utilities companies will pay you for.

Since New York City is home to so many millions of people, your excess energy will be purchased and redistributed, so your home can be maximally efficient, and you can earn back thousands of dollars to cover the costs of your investment in this futuristic energy source.

When you trust Verengo to aid you in this switch to solar power, you will start seeing results right away. In fact, with solar power, you can track exactly how much you are saving with a mobile app for your smartphone. Your energy potential will be unleashed the moment you switch to solar. When you join the ranks of those who have solar powered homes, you will be able to assume a position on both sides of the power grid, taking energy when you need it, and exporting energy that you will be compensated for.

Thousands of customers have already taken the initiative and made the switch to help make New York a better place for all. With Verengo Solar, you can save thousands of dollars each year. 97 percent of Verengo customers would recommend Verengo to a friend or family member, and hundreds of unique money-saving stories have been shared on Verengo’s testimonials page.

Don’t wait until these amazing rebates and offers are expired; get solar power in your home today and take a step toward making New York a better place for everyone to live. You can finally feel good about the electricity you use, and you’ll feel even better when you see how much you save.