The Latest Information on Gold and Monex Prices

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Are you searching for the latest information on Monex prices and the price of gold?  The latest price information on gold bullion suggests the metal is remaining steady, though it tends to fluctuate at times.  It is currently at $1,710 USD as of November 28, 2012.  The biggest news as of this moment is that many investors are selling and this dropped the price of gold by $24.05.  About 13,000 contracts changed hands on Wednesday, which made up nearly half of the entire previous day’s volume.  The drop in the price of gold, though not catastrophic, did result in a lot of automatic selling orders.  This in turn pushed down the price further.

According to many financial trading experts, the $1,730 level was crucial to watch, to see whether gold would remain stable or if it could fluctuate to even greater heights.  After all, some experts predicted that by 2012, gold could be as high as $3,000 PTO!

What is Influencing Monex Prices for Gold?

The fact that gold is “stopping” in growth, and that automatic selling is being triggered, could indicate that gold has reached a peak, at least until the first quarter of 2013.  One must also consider the relevance of Thanksgiving holidays and how many industries and investments shut down around this period.  While December promises to reveal some surprising numbers in anticipation of a new year, and a new changing market, the real test will be in January and February.

What are some of the factors that are stalling gold at the moment?  Greece’s debt problems looked favorable for once, as it was recently learned that international creditors would be helping matters out.  Nevertheless, the market remains wary.  Spain’s debt problems are also rising, which could mean another Eurozone bailout.  The euro itself has fallen below the $1.30 USD level and now stands at $1.28.

What does this mean for the investor?  The economy is certainly looking downward, and while solutions are always being offered, this doesn’t erase the debt problem.  Gold, available through bullion metal and coinage (either bullion coins or collectible coins) offers stability, and protection against inflation, as well as US dollar devaluation.  While the Eurozone is the talk of the world, we mustn’t forget that the US dollar level is almost equal to the Euro, speaking volumes about its own domestic debt.

If the dollar continues to drop, gold can offer financial protection and the preservation of wealth, since it appreciates in value, or at the very least, maintains value for a lifetime and beyond.  Gold price is currently worth over $1,700 per troy ounce, meaning that is last-a-lifetime worth.  In another five, ten or twenty years from now, what is $1,700 dollars in American money could very well be down to half of that or even less.

Why Invest in Gold with Monex Prices?

When investing, it is exceedingly important to work with a dealer that you trust.  A company that not only practices honorable business but that also knows the coin and bullion industry very well, from a US/UK perspective, and from the points of view of multiple countries.

Monex is offering bullion coinage and collectible coins in gold, silver and even platinum and palladium.  For over 40 years, the company has been one of the most trusted names in investment.  Their transactions have totaled over $40 billion dollars.  To this day, the company remains America’s most trusted precious metals dealer.  It’s time to think about the future and your financial obligation to preserve wealth, to protect the future.  Why not contact the company and discuss portfolio options today?