The Basics of Buying Gold Coins

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Gold coins are the most timeless, classic form of money on the planet.  Because gold is a global currency, it is instantly recognizable by anyone who sees it.  These circular treasures have a mystique about them that can’t be defined.  In legend, pirates and cowboys risk their lives for these tokens.  Today, things may not be quite as exciting, but gold coins are still a highly coveted item that has potential to greatly improve the lives of those fortunate enough to own them.

Because of gold’s rapidly ascending price, as well as its long history of stability, it is no wonder that people, corporations, and governments all over the world are all desperate to buy up as much of this precious yellow metal as possible.  This of course is only contributing to the rising prices, creating a self-sustaining cycle.

Buying gold coins today is a wonderful investment opportunity, as long as the buyer is informed about what he or she is doing every step of the way.  Due to the valuable nature of gold, one small mistake can be quite costly.  In order to generate maximum profit, it is important to learn about how to invest in gold, before spending any money.

The first step is understanding the difference between bullion coins and rare coins with numismatic value.  Government issued bullion coins are mass produced coins that are designed strictly for investors to purchase that country’s precious metals.  They will usually cost slightly more than the spot gold price.  There are proof edition coins that are produced in limited quantities that bridge the gap between rare coins and bullion coins.  These coins are not only valued for their gold content, but because they are collectable as well.

Rare coins are usually worth much more than their precious metals content.  They are viewed more as a historical artifact, collector’s item, or antique.  If someone is interested in buying gold as an investment, they may want to avoid rare coins.  These rare coins can be excellent investment opportunities in their own right, but they require a different approach, and a vast array of knowledge.  The difference between two seemingly identical rare coins can be thousands of dollars, based on minute details.

After deciding which coins are most suited to the buyer’s needs, the next step is to choose which coin is most interesting.  Some coins are more liquid, but will come at a higher premium.  Weighing the pros and cons of each coin may be difficult to an inexperienced buyer, but Monex provides expert advice to anyone who is not sure about what to do.

With over 40 years in the business, Monex has established themselves as the leaders of the precious metals industry.  The friendly and knowledgeable staff is more than willing to help customers to understand market conditions, and why some coins are more or less popular than others.

It is so important to understand the basics of buying gold coins before committing to anything.  There are subtle nuances to the process that must be catered to in order to take full advantage of the bullish gold market.  The best way to ensure a positive experience is to only do business with reputable dealers like Monex.